A. R. Rahman to sacrifice Bollywood for International Career

July 28, 2010

A. R. Rahman 200x199 A. R. Rahman’s international career which has taken off in a big way after Slumdog Millionaire, keeps encountering snags, thanks to long-pending assignments back home.

According to sources Rahman has to keep interrupting his international plans to be home for various pending assignments. The harried composer is now seriously thinking of putting all home-made assignments on hold to concentrate on building his career abroad, or else he feels he would lose the international advantage he obtained after Slumdog Millionaire.

Says a friend of Rahman, “The Indian assignments after Slumdog Millioniare have been very time-consuming, especially Raavan where Rahman not only had to do two versions of the music in Hindi and Tamil, but director Mani Ratnam also asked him to give 3

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