Angry Sunny Deol to sue radio station for ‘cheap’ mimicry

August 07, 2009

sunny deol files legal case 0031 250x166Mumbai, Upset at the continuous spoofing of his and his father Dharmendra’s dialogue delivery by a popular FM radio, Bollywood star Sunny Deol Thursday said he would sue the channel for its “below the belt” mimicry and has sought damages of Rs.200 crore.

“Son Sunny” is a popular filler entertainment on Big 92.7 FM that has an artist mimicking Sunny and Dharmendra and also poking fun at them. The show has been on air a couple of years.

“It is a cheap comedy… in very bad taste. An artist cannot be portrayed as a funny figure before the people, that too regularly, so that he becomes a laughing stock,” Sunny told reporters here.

“Mimicry,” he said, “is good and healthy, but shouldn’t go below the belt.”

Sunny has sent legal notice to the radio channel and has given seven days for it to pay damages of Rs.200 crore.

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