Bollywood dance is popular in Bangkok : Thai actress


According to Bangkok actress Memee Nakprasire, Bollywood dance is the most famed thing in Bangkok.  As per the statement of famous Thai Actress, Bangkok people are getting much closer and aware of Bollywood.


Memee had recently joined the film festival which was commenced on Bangkok. While interacting with the media she had also accepted to be a Bollywood fan. She had participated in the Bangkok festival, choosing up a typical Indian gets up by wearing a sari for the dancing event which according to her was not so much easy.

Currently, she is in Indian promoting her Thai American movie ‘Bitter Sweet’. Made at a $5 million budget, the romantic drama was shot in the coffee plantations of Krabi Island in Thailand. Mamee says the film will open doors to tourism in her country. The Thai actress is so excited for her trip to India as she is enjoying the cultural and taste of India.

She had also verified that it is so great and fun to be in film city Mumbai. She will be visiting the famous restaurants to taste the Indian food, about to accomplish her shopping plans and if possible she will be marking her attendance for the Indian dance classes to make her dream comes true.

Memme is not the first non-Bollywood actress who had phrased the Indian movies, as Indian movies had made a large impact on the international platform by producing festive and award ceremonies.

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