Bollywood inspired by real life incidents

June 03, 2010

shootout at movie 200x162Many incidents happening in the real life leave a deep impact on us and the creative minds in the Bollywood are inspired to make movies based on them.

Earlier, the filmmakers used to make films based on the incidents of freedom fighting. These real life incidents during pre-independent period have inspired lots of filmmakers. But now, since the last few years, the inspiration has been the recent incidents that happened to common people who weren’t known to all.

Criminal incidents have become a huge source of inspiration for the moviemakers today. Recently, some movies are inspired from such real life incidents; take the example of No One Killed Jessica Lal.

Ashoka Chakra, which released this May, is based on the 26th November terrorist attack in Mumbai. Mumbai Meri Jaan, which was released in 2008, was also inspired from the terrorist attack that had taken place in Mumbai. The stories of Shootout At Lokhandwala and Black Friday were also inspired by the real life incidents.

Almost all of these movies have worked very well at the box office and received critical acclaim. The audience is very much interested in watching the visual adaptations of these incidents that have already taken place.

With this formula working very well both at the box office and with the critics, filmmakers are coming up with more such movies like Hyderabadi Daamad and many more.

-Sampurn Wire

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