Bollywood to put up show to raise funds for its needy

March 15, 2010

bollywood united 200x150Mumbai, The STAR India Pvt. Limited and Cine & TV Artist Association (CINTAA) are coming up with power-packed entertainment programme in which 52 actors, from Amitabh Bachchan to all Khans and Kapoors, will come together to raise funds for needy artistes.

“We have always come forward to do something for others, wherever and whenever there is a need. This is for the first time we are taking a step for ourselves,” said Mithun Chakraborty, chairman of Cine Artistes’ Welfare Trust.

He said the fund will be used to make a building with medical facilities, rehearsal halls, theater, gym, club, library, restaurant and two offices.

He was speaking at the launch of the show, ‘STAR CNTAA Superstar Ka Jalwa’, at JW Marriot here today.

He said that for the first time 52 actors, from Amitabh Bachchan to all Khans and Kapoors, would share the same stage, Mithun said.

“I would like to thank STAR Plus for coming forward to do such a big event. We will be helping all our tv and film stars, who are needy, through this trust,” said Mithun.

Actor Salman Khan, who was present on the occasion, said: “The early actors, the superstars… most of them died in small houses or without houses, with no money and out of hunger. I think more money should come to CINTAA. That’s why we have come out and done this show.”

The show to be telecast for two hours every day has been co-produced by Sohail Khan Entertainment and Seventy Event Management.

Sohail Khan, who was present on the occasion, said: “People say that the industry is not united. I think this eight hours of footage will prove every one wrong. We stay united and we will stick together and create something for the 6000 members we have in CINTAA.”

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