Child poverty film wins Short Film Award at IFFI

December 02, 2011

IFFI india, A short film about child poverty in India won the Golden Lamp Tree award, while a film on pesticides tragedies in India won the Special Environment Film prize in the Short Film competition awards at the 42nd International Film festival of India (IFFI) Thursday.

The awards were instituted by the Short Film Centre (SFC), an initiative of the IFFI organizers to promote short films and documentaries at the film festival.

Smita Bhide’s ‘Another Planet’ won the Golden Lamp Tree for the best short film, while a film by American Moon Molson, won the Silver Lamp Tree for ‘Crazy Beats Strong Everytime’, which is about a black teen finding his African immigrant stepfather passed out drunk in their tenement-building hallway and is later pressured by his friends into murdering him.

The Vasudha award, specially instituted to honour green films was won by K.R. Manoj for his film ‘A Pestering Journey’, which is based on pesticides tragedies through independent India and questions the Green Revolution.

A special award for a Goan film on noted local musician Anthony Gonsalves also named ‘Anthony Gonsalves’ was awarded by the SFC jury.

While 15 films competed for the international competition, four films were in competition for the Vasudha award and the prize money up for grabs was around Rs.1 million. – IANS

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