Court allows release of ‘Short Kut’

July 10, 2009

short kut the con is on 300x279New Delhi, Delhi High Court Thursday allowed Bollywood actor and producer Anil Kapoor to release his film “Short Kut” after he agreed to pay Rs.3,500,000 (Rs.35 lakh) to another producer who claimed to have copyright over the title of the movie.

The production company owned by the actor agreed before Justice Reva Chetrapal to pay Rs.35 lakh to B.S. Bhullar who claimed copyright over the title.

The movie, starring Akshay Khanna, Arshad Warsi and Amrita Rao, is scheduled to be released July 10.

Bhullar contended he had registered the title “Short Kut” in September 2005 and the Bollywood actor’s production company copied it in an “illegal and unauthorised” manner.

Bhullar claimed that he had forwarded his film’s script to Anil Kapoor and offered him a key role, but Kapoor had turned down the offer.

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