Divya Dutta and Rituparna Sengupta close the eyes for each other

September 09, 2010

Rituparna Sengupta and Divya Dutt 200x133It was believed that Actress, Divya Dutta and Rituparna Sengupta shared a bonding with each other during the shooting of Life Express. But it seems they are not comfortable with each other’s company that is why Rituparna Sengupta didn’t turn up where Divya Dutta is present and Vice- Versa.

Divya Dutta didn’t make her presence in Pune where Rituparna attended the press conference. And Rituparna Sengupta failed to attend the Music Launch of Life Express in Mumbai whereas Divya Dutta stands out in the launch. During the launch Divya Dutta only spoke about her character and didn’t whisper anything about Rituparna and there chemistry in the Movie whereas the movie showcased their correlation.

Rituparna made an excuse ‘My flight got cancelled at the last moment’ and through our sources we came to know there were six flights available from Kolkata to Mumbai. Now you can envisage there’s some mess between the two actresses.

Now there is a press conference in Delhi and both have agreed to attend the conference. Let’s wait and watch who turns up and who will miss the conference.

– Sampurn Wire

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