Hollywood-Bollywood, food, politics – Clinton floors students

July 21, 2009

hillary clinton india 197x300It was more than education, women empowerment and other such issues that the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke about when she visited the Delhi University Monday. From Hollywood-Bollywood, food and dieting to campaign tricks, Clinton shared quite a few light moments with the students.

On a five-day visit to India, Clinton Monday met the student community at the Convention Hall on Delhi University north campus here, talking about issues like climate change, agriculture, terrorism and women empowerment and taking a number of queries from them, ranging on just as many issues.

Among the scores of hands that shot up as soon as Clinton finished her 20-minute address was that of a student of the Jamia Milia Islamia University who wanted to know if there was a point of convergence between India and the US, which are so different culturally.

Literally conjuring up an image in response, Clinton said: If Hollywood and Bollywood was the way how we lived our lives, it would surprise me! And yet it’s often the way our cultures are conveyed.

People watching a Bollywood movie in some other part of Asia think everybody in India is beautiful and they have dramatic lives and happy endings. And if you were to watch American TV and our movies you’d think that we don’t wear clothes and we spend all our time fighting with each other!, Clinton said even as the crowd roared with laughter.

We, therefore, have to break these stereotypes and student exchanges are a way of cutting through the clutter and understanding that our hopes and values are similar, she added.

Another student asked how did she reconcile her policy views with those of President Barack Obama which were so evident during the presidential race.

To this Clinton replied: I think the campaign magnified the differences more than they actually are.

“That’s what happens in campaigns. I’m sure you’ve noticed that. You draw differences and try to make them seem extremely large in order to convince people to vote for you rather than the other person, she said as the crowd roared again.

Expressing her fondness and great admiration for India, and Indian cuisine, Clinton said, “I eat way too much food when I am here.

I have to go on a diet of carrots and celery when I go back home!” she said.

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