Hyping swine flu not the solution, says Bollywood

August 17, 2009

swine flu virus india 188x300Mumbai, Bollywood admits swine flu virus has scared it but at the same time the film fraternity stresses that undue hype is not the solution. Many among them suggest that the best way out is to alert and warn citizens.

Shabana Azmi: The swine flu has not really affected our lives at all. The hysteria it has generated can only hamper the cure. Instead of apportioning blame, we should act as responsible citizens and make sure the citizens are alerted, warned and informed about the disease.

Hema Malini: I’m not able to understand the gravity of it. I was scheduled to perform at several places for Janmashtami. But the shows were cancelled and I felt the seriousness of the situation. We shouldn’t take it lightly. We need to be very careful.

Bipasha Basu: I’m in London. But I heard about it. It’s really sad and scary. I hope things return to normal very soon.

Vidya Balan: The swine flu just got scarier because it’s in our city now. And the civic conditions and the large population make us vulnerable. Some say the media is exaggerating and creating panic, but I think it’s better safe than sorry. Let’s hope it abates sooner than later.

Shekhar Kapoor: I’m trying to differentiate between rumour and reality. My daughter’s school has shut down. And I was supposed to be back in New York this week. Now I’ve had to re-evaluate my plans.

Amrita Arora: It’s definitely shaken me. Instead of panicking, I’m following orders. I’m wearing mask. I’ve a sanitiser by my bedside. And I’m trying to instruct my staff to take precautions. We’ve to stay calm.

Minissha Lamba: It has definitely made one more cautious. Normal movement is restricted. That’s the least we can do to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand.

Kabir Khan: There’s a huge over-reaction. But the shutting of schools suits me because I’m taking the kids and rushing off to the Malaysian jungles to be with my wife Mini who’s shooting there.

Tusshar Kapoor: I’m taking precautions. Trying not to panic. Unfortunately my film this week cannot be released on time due to the flu scare.

Neha Dhupia: I’m in Los Angeles and very worried because the swine flu is all that props up on the internet every time I speak to anyone back home. The key is not to panic and to take action as soon as and only if the symptoms prop up.

Rensil D’Silva: I lost two days shooting of my film “Qurbaan” in Pune, which I’ll make up for when I shoot the climax. That apart, the flu scare hasn’t affected me.

Amole Gupte: It’s love during the time of swine flu. The family is indoors for a change. No option but to be happy bonding over varan-bhaat and televised paranoia.

Rajeev Khandelwal: There are huge warning hoardings outside the studio where we’re currently shooting. There’re doctors on the set. And that’s a tad scary.

Ranvir Shorey: The roads are deserted in the evening. People wearing masks on the streets is scary. But they don’t know the masks need to be changed every three hours to be effective.

Riya Sen: I’m taking all the precautions possible. I’ve ensured that my staff at work and at home, including building watchmen, wear masks.

Purab Kohli: It’s scary, though I do feel there’s a certain amount of sensationalism by the news channels. At home we’re just making sure our immunity is kept at a high level.

Anjana Sukhani: Mom doesn’t let me go out. And there’re people on the streets with masks. It’s definitely scary.

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