John Abraham: The Humane Touch That Saved The Macho

October 16, 2010

john abraham1 200x150John Abraham, the macho hunk of Bollywood, may have a tough exterior, but deep down within, he does own a soft heart.

This fact has literally saved the B town hunk from spending a fortnight behind bars in Mumbai, as he was granted bail yesterday the 14th of October, after he had been sentenced to a 15 day simple imprisonment by a magistrate for an accident that he was involved in, in April 2006.

Reportedly, John Abraham had accidently knocked down a cyclist while riding his bike, the Yamaha Hayabusa, during the night, as he was on his way back home from an event that he had attended earlier. However, as he reached the CD Marg and Khar 17th Road crossing, he banged accidently on to the cyclist, and that in turn knocked down another passerby on the streets, and John was flung to a wall on the side of the street.

Now, not one to be a selfish being, John immediately showed what a great human being he was. He got both the injured fellows admitted to the Bhabha Hospital nearby, and himself got admitted to the Lilawati hospital. Now, as this was a road accident, a case had been registered against the Bollywood honcho, and the decision had been pronounced yesterday. It was declared that John Abraham would have to spend 15 days in a simple prison.

But, later, John was granted bail, with a sum of Rs. 1, 500, and he had to pay one of the injured persons a sum of Rs.1000. The other injured person had expired due to some other ailment, according to reports, so there was no obligation on that front. The Metropolitan Magistrate had granted the bail only because of the humanitarian touch that John had shown to the injured men. Since he had duly got them admitted, it was taken as a plus point for the actor, and thus it saved him.

– Sampurn Wire

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