Karan in New York for ‘My Name Is Khan’ English release

May 04, 2010

my name is khan in english 200x253 Mumbai, Filmmaker Karan Johar is currently in New York for the release of the English version of “My Name Is Khan”, which he says is a “crisper, sharper cut”. Once he returns, he starts work on the new season of his popular chat show “Koffee With Karan”.

“It is meant for the non-NRI audience. It’s crisper, sharper cut and we hope to create a new market for Bollywood films,” Karan told IANS.

The film starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol will release in two theatres in New York Wednesday.

Immediately on the anvil after his return from New York is the third season of his celebrity chat show “Koffee With Karan”.

“I start work on that in July. But it won’t be in the same chatty mood any more. I think, two recent events – my film ‘My Name Is Khan’ and to a lesser extent the TV show ‘Lift Kara De’ (on Sony TV) – have made me less self-centred. They’ve made me look outward into the world outside,” said Karan.

“Lift Kara De” ended last week and Karan discovered how little people from privileged classes gave to the needy.

“I don’t know how successful the show was. But it put me in touch with the real world. The show was about philanthropy and I understood the joy there is in giving. To meet all those needy individuals who came on the show connected me to a reality that most of us in the entertainment industry are cut off from.”

Karan was also bowled over by the amazing connectivity between the audience and the stars.

“Akshay Kumar, with whom I recorded my last episode of ‘Lift Kara De’, has such an amazing and genuine bonding with his fans. Who says stars don’t care for the common man?”

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