Kareena Kapoor to Put On Weight For Future Projects

October 09, 2010

It is not without reason that she is often referred to as the ‘female SRK of Bollywood’. Like her male counterpart, Kareena Kapoor, too, has a penchant to grab the spotlight, for all the things the actress does (and sometimes doesn’t)! While the nation has not yet forgotten the size-zero figure made popular by our very own Bebo, the news is that Kareena is trying to put on weight for the last couple of months. While this may come across as a bad news for all, who tried their best to get rid of the extra kilos in an attempt to emulate Kareena Kapoor, the sexy Bollywood lass has decided that it is time to bring back her own plumper self again.

When questioned by the media on the sudden change in her statistics, Kareena Kapoor laughed away saying that little did she expect that her weight would one day become a national issue, adding at the end that, it is her way of pleasing her fans, who prefer the slightly fatter Kareena!

Bebo has just stepped on 30 and with it has also completed a decade in the industry. A combination of hits and misses, Kareena Kapoor’s career graph has surely been an eyesore for many of her peers. Currently shooting for partner Saif Ali Khan’s venture “Agent Vinod”, Kareena rules out getting back to her size-zero status even for Karan Johar’s “Short Term Shaadi”.

– Sampurn Wire

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