Lady with a phone: Devgan gifts Bipasha a Blackberry

July 02, 2009

bipasha basu sexy look 225x300Mumbai, Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu has got a swanky new toy – a Blackberry – gifted to her by her co-star and producer Ajay Devgan for working round the clock for his new film “All the Best”.

And though Bipasha has lost all her numbers and she can’t identify any caller, she just can’t get enough of her new phone.

“I love it! I’m going totally crazy with it. Though I’ve no numbers on it and am trying to figure it out, I just can’t get enough of it,” says the actress who finished shooting for Ajay Devgan’s comedy “All The Best” in Goa this week.

Devgan gifted the phone to Bipasha out of the blue (or shall we say, black?) on the last day of shooting for working round the clock including late nights and early mornings. In fact Bipasha kept off the phone to the extent of not even connecting with her boyfriend John Abraham who was limping around on crutches in Mumbai trying to promote his new film.

Apparently Bipasha also agreed to do an additional role in “All The Best” without charging a single penny extra.

Devgan known to be a generous producer had heard Bipasha mention she wanted a Blackberry.

The actress said: “Yeah, Ajay knew I wanted it. In fact it was he who got me interested in it. It is actually a gift in appreciation for working long hours and changing at lightning speed between shots when we had loads of work to finish. Ajay is a fabulous co-star and producer.”

Bipasha soon leaves for Hyderabad to shoot the songs for “All The Best”. On Saturday she also watched her boyfriend’s new film “New York” finally.

“I’m so proud of him,” she whispered.

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