My parents were against me getting into films: Aamir Khan

March 25, 2009

aamir khan promote gajini 003 300x200Mumbai, Despite hailing from a film background, noted Bollywood actor-director Aamir Khan’s parents were against his entering the filmdom.

“My parents looked after us very well… we had a fairly sheltered life. I mean my parents were really against me getting into films. I come from a film family. My father and uncle were both filmmakers. And I faced hell at home. It was like there’s no way you’re getting into films,” Aamir Khan told CNN’s special edition “Talk Asia” to be aired Wednesday 6 p.m.

“But I don’t usually listen to people. I just do what I feel like. And then when they realized actually it was more because they were concerned for me, you know.

“Every parent is concerned for their children. And they had been through this line and this profession is so uncertain. You know one day you’re up there, the next day you’re nobody and it’s a really harsh profession,” he added.

Aamir Khan is a son of renowned film producer Tahir Hussain. His uncle Nasir Hussain is also a film director.

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