Neil Nitin Mukesh looks more Foreigner than me: Luke Kenny

April 01, 2013

Luke Kenny And Neil Nitin Mukesh 250x244 Luke Kenny who disappeared from the acting scene after Rock On has suddenly bounced back with his latest India’s first ever Zombie-Genre film ‘Rise Of The Zombie’ which is creating lots of curiosity these days. Mainly because Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Go Goa Gone’ is also a Zombie Genre comedy film and is geared up for it’s release too.

On being asked about his stay-away from Bollywood, Luke replied “If you have been cast in a particular character and you look certain way, You are bound to do only those kind of roles. And me because of the way i look, I didn’t want to play the “Angrez” (Foreigner) every time. And i didn’t want to play a ‘Music-Role’ every time. After Rock On, I was offered to play a Musician’s role every time. Or else, I was offered to play ‘Angrez’ (Foreigner), But Rock On never positioned me as a Foreigner, So why play a Foreigner’s role? Neil Nitin Mukesh looks more Foreigner than i do, But no one positions him as ‘Angrez’ in their films?”

Rise Of The Zombie is Co-Written, Produced and Co-Directed by Luke Kenny along with Devaki Singh and the film releases this April 5th all over. We hope Luke re-starts his acting career with this one. – IANS

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