New releases don’t find any takers, ‘Dabangg’ wave continues

September 20, 2010

dabangg box office 200x290With all producers wisely deciding to stay as far away from ‘Dabangg’ as possible, three inconsequential films – ‘Life Express’, ‘For Real’ and ‘A Distant Mirage’ – arrived at the box office over the Friday gone by. None of the three films even saw a decent release coming their way with only ‘For Real’ getting a few shows for itself. As for the other two, even a single show per multiplex was hard to come by. Arriving as mere gap fillers with no interest shown by film fraternity, theaters and obviously the paying ‘junta’, the three films didn’t find any eye balls coming their way.

Due to it’s pitching amongst the niche audience, ‘For Real’ saw the best response amongst the three but the occupancy was still abysmally low. Decent reviews were the only solace for the makers here as other than some good performances, there was nothing much to write home about this film that dealt with psychological issues faced by kids who are a witness to troubled relationship between their parents.

Coincidentally, the other two films dealt with troubled relationships as well. While ‘Life Express’, notwithstanding it’s bizarre title, was about surrogate motherhood, ‘A Distant Mirage’ was an oft repeated story of NRI marriages falling apart. Well, audience was in no mood to get any more troubled and instead went back to the only film which is continuing to make a huge impact at the box office – ‘Dabangg’. The preference was clear – it was going to be entertainment all the way. What was more surprising was that even critics felt the same. Except for ‘For Real’, not many bothered to even review the other two films.

All of this means that ‘Dabangg’ can well enjoy another good week at the box office.

– Sampurn Wire

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