Now Kareena Kapoor promotes ‘size zero’ laptops

November 03, 2009

Kareena Kapoor launch Sonys notebook vaio x 0011 200x271New Delhi, ( After promoting her size zero figure in India, actress Kareena Kapoor has chosen to endorse Sony’s newly launched half-inch thin notebook VAIO X because the product goes well with her looks – “thin and lightweight”, the actress said Tuesday.

“The whole size zero thing in India has more to do with people being slim and lightweight. And I am slim and lightweight. And so is this laptop. I think this new laptop is very chic and sexy and people also often associate me with these qualities,” Kareena told reporters at a press conference here.

As part of the tie up, the actress will be a part of the brand campaign including TV commercials and print advertising.

The 29-year-old, who is awaiting the release of her film “Kurbaan”, says she feels “privileged” to be associated with the company.

“I believe in Sony products and I am privileged that they have signed me. They believe in cutting edge technology and innovate a lot and I am glad to be their ambassador since I associate myself with quality,” added Kareena, who was hoping that the company spokesperson would gift her a VAIO X laptop.

Kareena says though she isn’t very tech-savvy, she uses the Internet quite regularly.

“I use the Internet often and since I am a frequent traveller and I’m out of the country most of the time, I like to be connected through a laptop,” she said.

The new Sony VAIO X is 655 grams and has an 11.1 inch screen display. The range starts from Rs.64,990 and will be available at Sony Centre stores and retail partners across the country.

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