Preity Zinta not against joining politics

March 11, 2010

preity zinta politics 200x300New Delhi, Actress Preity Zinta Thursday praised the Women’s Reservation Bill, saying it will reduce discrimination and bias against women – and indicated that was not averse to joining politics.

“This (the bill) provides an incredible opportunity to women. We have women in important position. Our president (Pratibha Patil) is a woman. Sonia Gandhi is there. There will be more woman in our parliament,” the actor told reporters on the sidelines of a health event organised by UNAIDS.

Amid pandemonium, the Rajya Sabha Tuesday passed the Women’s Reservation Bill. It will now have to be passed by the Lok Sabha before it goes to the president for her assent to become a law. Once enacted, it will reserve 33 percent seats in the Lok Sabha and state legislatures for women.

“Once the bill is passed, it will provide a new chapter. We hope the bill is passed (by the Lok Sabha) smoothly,” she added.

Asked whether she planned to join politics, a smiling Preity did not rule out the possibility. “I am not saying never,” she added.

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