Salman Khan fans go berserk in Indore

October 26, 2009

Salman Khan fans 200x228Bhopal, Police in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore city had to cane charge some Salman Khan fans who had resorted to violence at Nehru Stadium where the Bollywood star came late and stayed only a few minutes before leaving for an event.

A large number of people had gathered in and around the stadium as Salman was scheduled to play a cricket match organised to promote one of his films to be released shortly, police said.

But the Bollywood star reached the venue five hours late and left after few minutes without playing the match.

“This enraged the people who went out of control and threw chairs all over the stadium… Police used a cane-charge to chase away the crowd which went berserk since Salman who was supposed to be here at 10 a.m. reached after 3 p.m. and that too for a very short while. The situation is now under control,” said Indore Additional Superintendent of Police Akash Jindal.

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