Salman Khan looks For His Mom In His Love Interest – Salim Khan

October 08, 2010

Bollywood star Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan shared some of his thoughts about his eldest son Salman Khan and his long pending marriage in a candid interview to a television channel.

Like any other concerned father, Salim also expressed his worry for his son. He was very frank in sharing his thoughts on camera about the private issues like his son’s marriage. Salim said that Salman has a contradiction in his character.

The veteran scriptwriter was quoted saying that Salman got attracted to women from the entertainment industry always and most of them were his co-stars. Whenever Salman settles in a relationship, he starts looking for his mother in that girl, Salim added. He said that it is not possible for a woman to do all the household chores when she just starts her career as an actress. She can’t be expected to prepare meals, look after kids and wash clothes while balancing the hectic schedule of shooting.

Salim said that as a father he consoles himself with the fact that his son’s ‘kundli’ has a mention of marriage. But the veteran did not say whether it will be Katrina Kaif. He said that he does not know whether Katrina is still there in Salman’s life. He just said that the decision to get married should be taken within a time period and it should not be stretched for such a long time because marriages are emotional accidents of life.

He puts all blame on Salman saying that he has always shown interest in an aspiring movie actress and settling down in life was definitely the last choice for them.

We hope Salman takes this piece of advice from his father and look out for a suitable girl from outside the film industry and settles down!

– Sampurn wire

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