Salman Khan – Up And Down The Hills

June 09, 2010

salman khan workout 200x162Salman Khan is Bollywood‘s original six pack hero. His body hasn’t even lost its sheen despite being 45 years old. It still remains the same with women ogling at it and the men wanting to be like him.

Salman Khan is dedicated to his body and does not lose out on even a day’s training. When he was currently shooting in Wai for the film Dabanng opposite debutante Sonakshi Sinha, the bad boy didn’t miss out on the chance to tone his already perfectly toned body, even though there were no gym facilities. Smart hunk that he is, he came up with a new routine- Walking.

The fitness freak Salman chose to walk all the way from his hotel to the shooting location every day.

Well Salman does set a great example of being dedicated and humble toward his fitness regime. As he grows older Salman just gets better-n- better.

-Sampurn Wire

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