Salman Khan’s ignorance towards Narmada irked Govinda

August 18, 2010

salman khan narmada 200x285In Bollywood, friendship is a very temporary term in most cases. Here, every relationship is based on a professional give and take formula. The same happened with once good friend actors Salman Khan and Govinda.

It was reported that Govinda is not very happy with Salman Khan as he did not keep his promise to help him to launch his daughter Narmada. The situation has gotten worse now as the actors are reportedly not even on talking terms.

Apparently, Salman has been very busy with Sonakshi Sinha’s career these days. The debutant actress happens to be the daughter of another veteran actor turned politician Shatrughan Sinha. He started showing very keen interest in the budding actress’ career.

A source was quoted saying that Narmada is not less beautiful or less talented than Sonakshi. There was a time when Salman was closely associated with her grooming process. But when he began shooting for Dabaang, his priority apparently shifted to Sonakshi.

Even though Govinda is unhappy with Salman as a father, he will never speak out about this because of his respect for Salman. It was Salman, who asked David Dhawan to cast Govinda with him in the 2007 movie Partner, which revived the almost dying career of the actor.

Once, Govinda used to be a regular visitor at Salman’s house, Galaxy Apartments at Bandstand. Now, only time will tell if the two actors can come together in Partner 2.

– Sampurn Wire

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