SBK arrival triggers rumours of SRK sighting in Goa

November 30, 2009

srk iifi 200x202Panaji, ( Don’t believe in rumours – it is wisely said. Hours before Sir Ben Kingsley was to arrive in Panaji for the 40th edition of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), the venue was abuzz with rumours of Shah Rukh Khan dropping by at the IFFI venue at the same time.

By afternoon, even mediapersons were bitten by the SRK bug. Some insisted that the Bollywood superstar and Sir Kingsley would be addressing a joint press conference.

King Khan finally did not arrive for the IFFI. Turns out that the confusion had arisen after the organisers had flashed messages that SBK (initials of Sir Ben Kingsley) would be addressing the media on Monday afternoon.

And SBK had mutated into SRK (Shah Rukh Khan’s initials) in a matter of minutes, which had the rumour mills working furiously.

“We had heard that SRK was coming. There were messages floating around that Shah Rukh would either be addressing a press conference or he was around in town,” Sean Faia, a public relations professional, told IANS.

Sir Ben Kingsley subsequently addressed the media at 4 p.m., speaking about his forthcoming film ‘Taj’ and fielding questions on his role as Mahatma Gandhi in Sir Richard Attenborough’s epic film “Gandhi”.

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