Shahid Kapoor Has To Choose Either Deepa Mehta’s Film Or Mira Nair’s

October 15, 2010

shahid kapoor22 200x250Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor has been approached by two renowned female filmmakers Deepa Mehta and Mira Nair. But the actor is in a great dilemma because both the filmmakers can’t see eye to eye so Shahid is bound to choose any one of them.

Both directors have offered Shahid very powerful and role-driven scripts and it will be a great achievement for him to work with any one of them. Now, it is left Shahid to make a choice between the two.

There is a report that Deepa has offered him a role in her Beeba Boyz and Meera has approached the actor with a role in her Reluctant Fundamentalist, which is a book adaptation of Mohsin Hamid. Deepa wants to cast him with Hollywood stunner Milla Jovovich in her next film, which is about a Punjabi gangster.

Shahid is in a fix because both the films are set for shooting at the same time. So, the actor is left with no other option but to pick any of the films.

A source was quoted saying that Deepa has chosen Shahid because of his boyish charm and the inherent ‘Punjabiyat’ in him, which is required for Beeba Boyz.

– Sampurn Wire

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