Shahrukh Khan: Turning All Foes Into Friends

December 15, 2010

shahrukh khan Don 2 film 200x245Shahrukh Khan the King of Bollywood has certainly been in the news these days due to the fact that two of his biggest films are due to release this coming year, one being Faran Akhtar’s Don 2 and the other being his home production RA.ONE.

However there is something else that SRK is being spoken about quite appreciatively. Now what could that be?

Well the fact that Shahrukh Khan had recently gone on to publicly acknowledge the fact that his animosity between the two top names in the industry- Salman Khan and Farah Khan could well be due to his own fault.

Now, this bit of amazing revelation coming out right from the King of B town’s mouth was quite surprising to one and all.

Shahrukh Khan has always maintained silence while there has been a crack in his relationship between Salman Khan due to some ruckus on Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash a couple of years ago and him and even with Farah Khan as reports are that he was quite upset that Farah had not taken him in her latest venture Tees Maar Khan. SRK has never ever come out with what the trouble between him and Salman Khan was or with Farah Khan is.

But now it seems that SRK is trying to clear away all the sad memories and the misunderstandings with his foes and is trying to turn them into friends.

Well let’s hope that the New Year sees a lot of change in the relationship status of these three and Shahrukh makes up with both Salman and Farah-then perhaps we can see a Karan Arjun type movie with SRK and Salman as on screen brothers!

– Sampurn Wire

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