Sohail Khan fulfils his ‘flying’ dreams

September 16, 2009

sohail khan 179x300Mumbai, Actor-producer Sohail Khan is all set to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a pilot and is taking time off for flying lessons.

“It’s a childhood dream. And now that there’s some time I will complete my training,” Sohail, who has been taking flying lessons in Ujjain, told IANS.

“Before the rains started I started training to be a pilot. I finished 14 hours as a student and flew my first solo flight too. I’ve to train another 40 hours and then I become a qualified pilot. It was a childhood dream. I’ve been learning at a flying school in Ujjain called Yash Air. And I’ve to finish the course before year-end,” he said.

Sohail plans to do a film where he plays a pilot.

“Men in our family like doing the forbidden. I was told not to produce a film about farmers set in rural Punjab. I made ‘Kisaan’. It’s one film I’ll always be proud of,” he said.

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