Sonali Bendre and Her Car Loss Trauma

December 01, 2010

sexy sonali bendre 200x260 Actress and television show host Sonali Bendre lost track of her car when she went to attend an event in the recent past. According to reports in the media, Sonali Bendre visited a hotel in Mumbai to attend an event when she lost sight of her car and her driver! What followed was a trauma for the actress and her aides who reportedly went on a search for the lost car, searching every nook and corner from the Marine Drive to the Churchgate area in Mumbai.

Media reports claim that Sonali Bendre first called her driver at the end of the event, but since his mobile network was unavailable, the actress herself decided to search for her car in the parking space of the hotel in Mumbai. However, the long search ended in futility. Neither the car nor the driver were to be seen anywhere, convincing the actress that her driver had stolen her car which was worth crores of rupees.

And just when Sonali Bendre returned to the hotel premises to call the police, then she sees standing on the hotel steps is her driver, completely unaware of the trauma his employer had to go through for the past couple of hours! Last heard, Sonali Bendre’s driver had dozed off inside the car, not realizing that his mobile phone was also switched off when he was busy enjoying his slumber.

The incident was indeed hilarious but we still do not know whether the Bollywood beauty had the spunk to laugh over it after fearing a car loss for more than an hour!

– Sampurn Wire

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