Sort out issues with me, spare my film – Shah Rukh Khan

February 04, 2010

srk mad 200x279Washington, Bollywood’s Badshah Shah Rukh Khan, in the cross hairs of the right-wing Shiv Sena, says his comments on Pakistani cricketers should not reflect on his new film “My Name is Khan” and people who have problems with him should sort it out with him alone.

“If there is an issue with me you have to sort it out with me and talk to me about my ideology,” Shah Rukh told IANS over the phone from New York where he is promoting “My Name Is Khan”.

“As far as the film is concerned, that is an incidental thing. According to me, that’s not something they should take their ire against and hopefully they won’t and nobody will and it will release and, inshaallah, people will like it,” he said.

“I have nothing to respond,” said Shah Rukh when asked about Shiv Sena’s threat to disrupt the screening of the film if he did not apologise for speaking against the exclusion of Pakistani cricketers from the Indian Premier League (IPL).

“I don’t even understand what ‘My Name Is Khan’ has got to do with what I say,” he said.

“You know ‘My Name Is Khan’ is not only my film. It has got Kajol and Karan (Johar) and 150 other people whose livelihood depends on that.

“I have no take on anybody’s statement,” said the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders team, referring to Shiv Sena leaders’ criticism of his views.

“I can only do a take on my statement. And what I say and what everyone believes in… what I say that we are Indians and we should have everyone like to live freely and happily and be good.

“And so there is nothing new, we learnt it in Class 3 civics books till I finished my masters that this is what I was taught by my parents and my mom.

“And I don’t know what the issue is really. I mean what is wrong in saying that everyone is welcome to my country and I welcome them with open arms, whether it’s art, culture, sport, politics… you know, whatever.

“Everyone has got the right to do what they wish to do in our country. That’s why it’s the biggest democracy apparently,” Shah Rukh said.

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