Sunny Leone’s Jackpot clothes for auction

December 14, 2013

sunny leone red dress hot 213x320 When Sachiin Joshi made Jackpot, he ensured that the production values were of the highest standard. With Kaizad Gustad helming the stylish venture, ti was inevitable that the outfits were sexy and stylish for Sunny, going with her persona while Sachiin preferred a more earthy, grounded look to go with his character.

With 12 outfits and two copies of each to ensure safety in case of wear and tear, designer Hitesh Kapopra and Bhakti Joshi went in for outfits that fitted Sunny like a second skin.

Says Hitesh, “Sachiin had briefed us not to spare any efforts or expenses. The look should never be compromised. With such instructions, it was inevitable that we would go in for outfits that would set the screen sizzling.”

Interestingly, post Jackpot release, Hitesh is auctioning Sunny;s outfits for charity. “It was very sweet of Sachiin to give us the outfits so that i could auction them. But i wanted to give them for charity as someone deserving could actually get a Jackpot,” reasons Hitesh. Looks like there will be a lot of takers for Sunny;s sexy outfits from Jackpot, wot say!

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