Supreme Court verdict on Gay Couple is unfair – Bollywood Stars

December 12, 2013

dostana gay couple 250x280 Bollywood Stars took it to Twitter to express their disappointment over Supreme Court’s verdict to criminalise gay couples. Here’s what they said:

Anushka Sharma: “So disappointed with the SC verdict. Freedom is such a deceptive term . Rights are an ambiguous mystery #scrap377″

Sudhir Mishra: “All d political parties need to state their stand on d decision declaring gay consensual sex illegal. The decision declaring gay consensual sex illegal betrays a primitive Victorian mind It is certainly not INDIAN. In fact anything that impinges on fundamental human rights or freedom of speech or implies d imposition of one set of beliefs is NOT INDIAN. Let me reiterate. Being anti gay is a feudal British Victorian attitude. It has no basis in ancient Indian thought.”

Pritish Nandy: “Thank you Supreme Court. Now please ban ALL red lights and screaming sirens. Kill the VIP culture once and for all. And O yes, Supreme Court make EVERYBODY wait in line and go through security checks in the airport. India does not need VIPs. Those who we elect are supposed to serve us. Once they get elected, they behave as if we are their servants.”

Celina Jaitly: “I cannot believe SC’s decision .. I have been in shock since it came ..such a contradiction of democracy ..”

Shruti Seth: “So while the world is trying to legalise gay marriage here’s what we’re doing as a nation. Such a disgrace!!”

Reema Kagti: “Love n support to all the people who woke up this morning to d news that they r criminals again. The Supreme Court verdict ABSOLUTELY SUCKS.”

Rangita Nandy: “Unbelievable. And so bloody unfair. Such a shame our democracy has become. On the one hand #AAP shows us that there is still hope for us. On the other is this #IPC377 slapdown.”

Ranvir Shorey: “Don’t expect any better when you have lawmakers with self serving, medieval, khap mentalities. #India #scrap377″

Madhur Bhandarkar: “Just when we thought we r looking into d future, comes a judgement that treats us like we r in d stone age. The disappointment is justified.”

Hansal Mehta: “Does India not have a single gay judge? Or does being gay mean that you can only be unfairly judged? #Sec377 #SC #fail”

Kalki Koechlin: “SC job is to uphold the right and freedom of every individual, not to decide what is culturally acceptable or not. In this case they failed.”

Richa Chadda: “The Supreme Court criminalises love, again. Sad day.”

Anupam Kher: “We obviously don’t believe in EQUAL Rights even in the Times when we send Mangalyaan to Mars.:)”

Rahul Bose: “In Dubai and feel so far away from the debate on the judgement on #Section377 #sadday”

Poonam Pandey: “How is making love to somebody you love consensualy against the law. What business does the government have in our bedrooms as long as the fundamental rights of others are not encroached upon?”

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