‘Tell Me O Khuda’ set for Diwali release against ‘RA. One’

September 21, 2011

Tell Me Oh Khuda film poster 200x286 BollywoodNewsWorld.com, It’s not as if people would want to watch only one film during Diwali, says Hema Malini who has decided to release her daughter Esha Deol’s relaunch “Tell Me O Khuda” with Shahrukh Khan’s sci-fi “RA.One”.

“We had a meeting with the distributors and exhibitors on Friday. And we all decided to go for a Diwali release. I was advised against it since ‘RA.One’ is also releasing for Diwali. But it’s not as if people would want to watch only one film during Diwali,” said Hema.

“If they like both they’ll see them both. I personally think Diwali is a wonderful window for any auspicious film. Some of the biggest successes have happened during the festive season. So why not go for it?”

Hema isn’t afraid of the competition. “We’ve made an emotional father-daughter story. I don’t think we need to fear competition from anyone.”

Apparently SRK has welcomed “Tell Me Of Khuda” with open arms into the Diwali release schedule.

“Shahrukh and Hemaji go back a long way. In fact, Hemaji was the first producer to sign Shah Rukh for ‘Dil Aashna Hai’ which she directed. Ever since then Shah Rukh has had the highest regard for Hemaji,” said a source.

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