TV actress Mona Singh chased with summons in Chandigarh

September 17, 2009

mona singh 250x210Chandigarh, TV actress Mona Singh, who was in Chandigarh for product promotion Wednesday, got little work done, as she was chased by determined rights activists with court summons for having dressed as goddess Sita in a reality show. At the end, she left town without accepting the summons.

Mona Singh, of “Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin” fame, was in the union territory Wednesday to participate in a roadshow of a toothpaste company outside MCM DAV College in Sector 36.

On getting information of her visit, Arvind Thakur, chairperson of an NGO Global Human Rights Council (GHRC) reached the venue to deliver her the court summons, issued by a local court here Wednesday.

GHRC and a radical Hindu organisation Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had filed a complaint against Mona Singh for hurting sentiments of people by dressing like goddess Sita in a dance reality show in October last year.

Following this, the court had issued summons for Mona Singh a couple of times and sent them to her Mumbai address but nobody received them. The court had also issued a bailable warrant against her Sep 1.

“Nobody was receiving court summons at her Mumbai address. Therefore, when we got the information that she was in Chandigarh we got fresh summons issued from the court and tried to deliver them to her. We were accompanied by court officials but she again refused to accept them,” Thakur told IANS.

The GHRC activists could be seen arguing with the organisers of the event over the matter.

Even the eagerly waiting mediapersons, who had gone there to interview Mona Singh, could not interact with her as she left the venue hastily.

“I am not here to receive any summons. You have to send it at my Mumbai address,” said Mona Singh.

The spectators and the organisers were not at all happy with the way in which the human right activists approached the TV actress.

“This is not the way to confront any lady on the road. It is quite embarrassing and shameful. They were very rude and trying to intimidate everyone,” said one of the show organisers.

After failing to deliver the summons, Thakur returned to the court and got fresh bailable warrants issued against her. He even followed her to the airport but she had already left for Mumbai when he reached there.

Cricketer Harbhajan Singh and Mona Singh had performed a dance number on the reality show “Ek Khiladi, Ek Hasina” as mythological demon-king Ravana and Sita, in October last year.

In Hindu mythology, Ram’s wife Sita was abducted by Ravana.

After this, a criminal complaint was filed against Harbhajan, Mona and programme director of TV channel Colors by GHRC.

However, Punjab and Haryana High Court had quashed the complaint against Harbhajan Sep 1 as it observed that he had already apologised for his act.

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