Jhootha Hi Sahi – Movie Review

October 25, 2010

Jhootha Hi Sahi 200x288Director: Abbas Tyrewala
Starring: John Abraham, Pakhi, Manasi Scott, Raghu Ram
Rating: 3star

Yet another youth centric film from director Abbas Tyrewala had hit the screen on this Friday, which has the devastatingly handsome John playing a National Geographic obsessed nerdy character. The Clark Kent glasses and slouch along with a stutter is all there to help the audience concentrate on John and his histrionics without losing focus and he sure manages to keep the viewers enthralled for a good two and a half hours without the aid of his natural good looks.

The storyline set in the backdrop of London comes across as fresh and appealing too. Siddharth, the protagonist played by John works in a book store during the day doubling up as a volunteer who deters people from committing suicide at night. He manages to converse with depressed characters who have lost all interest in life over the telephone and helps them to realize that all is not lost.

Along the way comes Mishka ( Pakhi) who keeps the geeky John up all night while she threatens to take her own life. An entranced Siddharth manages to seek out the enigmatic female while he lies left, right and center. Mishka does not have an inkling that her stammering geek friend is actually the smart counselor who can speak so convincingly over the phone and love is soon in the air until the climax when the web of lies that Siddharth has woven around himself gets busted.

A love story with a difference from Abbas Tyrewala tries to break through a few clichés though. A youth centric lingo which lapses into Hinglish at the drop of a hat is ‘ajeebs’ indeed! The bonding of the oddball gang comprising of unmarried moms to be, Pakistanis, gays as well as a wannabe bridegroom who is desperate to get married provide the fun and games.

The picturesque locale of London is the only thing that comes across as British while the easy camaraderie and banter between John and his Pakistani partner Omar played by Raghu Ram gives us a taste of Indo-Paki jokes that abound on the Internet.

The slips of tongue are all covered up by witty untruths which are immensely enjoyable and the breaking out of the mould by John is definitely commendable. Although no great shakes in the acting department, John Abraham, nevertheless makes a brave attempt but Pakhi, the female lead cannot really light up the screen while the zero chemistry between the lead pair does not help the film either.

A.R. Rahman manages to do his job well and Ram and Varde playing the brother sister duo of Omar and Aaliya provide the lighter moments. R. Madhavan, the source of man trouble for Pakhi is not his usual subtle self and ends up overacting.

All in all, the film is watchable and can definitely provide a fun filled respite this weekend.

– Sampurn Wire

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