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‘Jism 2′ not as crazy as you think: Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone says that her Bollywood debut “Jism 2″ is not as wild as people are thinking it to be. “My definition of bold is different from your definition of bold. I think the world is ready to just be
'Jism 2' TV promos will be toned down: Dino Morea

‘Jism 2′ TV promos will be toned down: Dino Morea

Actor-turned-producer Dino Morea says his forthcoming “Jism 2″ is an A-movie and he will launch its television promos Tuesday. The content will be a toned down as compared to the bold online version. “The TV promos will be censored. We

Only ‘asexual’ songs from ‘Jism 2′ on TV: Pooja Bhatt

Filmmaker Pooja Bhatt has chosen to promote “Jism 2″ songs with adult content through internet, “a more than worthy competitor of TV”, rather than showing them on television channels. “We have six songs in ‘Jism 2′. Only three cater to
Early release for 'Jism 2'

Early release for ‘Jism 2′

It seems that the makers of “Jism 2″ are excited to show the film, which stars Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone and Randeep Hooda, to the viewers. The film’s release date has now been brought forward to July 27 from