Akshay Kumar Asks Media To Grow Sensible About India Pakistan Rift


Akshay Kumar has come up to comment on the recent attacks on the Indian army and the ongoing debate on whether the film actors from the neighboring state must be allowed to perform in India. Pertaining to the same, Akshay Kumar has posted a video on Facebook, which asked the Indian media and the people of the nation to think about the families of the martyrs and not to discuss about all these.

Akshay Kumar Posts Agitated Video On Facebook

Picture Courtesy: www.india.com

Picture Courtesy: www.india.com

Akshay Kumar had previously announced financial help for the families of the soldiers who have lost their lives in the Uri attacks. The video posted by Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood, said that he will be talking today, not as a celebrity or any film star. He will be talking as the son of an army man. Akshay Kumar then went on to state that this was not the correct time to discuss whether India and Pakistan is heading towards a war or whether the Pakistani actors must be allowed to perform in India. He has urged the nation to think about the soldier who did loose his life on the borders of the nation. Those whose family gives no damn about any movie being released and the actors performing in those movies. The sole concern of the families is what would be the future of the family. He further said that we must be concerned on the best possible ways to ensure that they have a good future. Its because of them, the soldiers that we are here. He had ended his speech with a Jai Hind!

The comments from the popular star of Bollywood has touched the heart of many. The social medias have ever since then been flooded with the video. People have shared and commented on the videos. The video has also gone viral in the YouTube world.

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