Akshay Kumar’s alarming stunt in Jolly LLB 2 will gives a shock to his fans


Akshay Kumar is not only known for his long acting career but also for his brave personality. Being a good actor, Akshay bears many other exceptional qualities. He is a great cook, martial artist, philanthropist and also one of the biggest risk taker. A recent example had made Akki’s fans stunned as he has performed a stunt without a duplicate for his upcoming movie Jolly LLB 2.

Akshay Kumar stunt

Yes, you heard it right. It was despite being with director Subhash Kapoor’s regular warnings, Akshay performed a treacherous stunt on overflow Ganga river. All scenario can be seen through a video which is posted recently titled as Akshay’s first visit to Banaras. As per the script, Akshay has to perform a stunt over Ganga river, which was at that time on its high flow during monsoon. While the director was on his way to shoot it, Akshay decides to perform the stunt at his own risk without duplicate.

Subhash warned Akshay, but the Khiladi Kumar convinced him by giving him a surety as he told him about his swimming abilities. Though it was against the judgement of the director, but as Akshay share a special bonding with him, Kapoor decides to shoot the scene.

And as expected the scene gets pictured in a perfect timed as the script demands. Akshay Kumar completes the scene so comfortably. In the video, the director stated that it was a monsoon time and Ganga was flowing above the danger level, still nobody gains victory over Akshay as he decides to push his limit. This is not for the first time Akshay has done this, as his previous films can give you such examples in which Akshay even has done many remarkable stunts that are one of the most dangerous in the history of action cinema. Jolly LLB 2 is one of the most awaited movies of the year 2017, scheduled to be on screen on 10th of February.

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