Apple CEO Tim Cook attends Bollywood Party hosted by Shahrukh Khan


After a temple visit and a Bollywood party hosted by none other than Shah Rukh Khan Wednesday night, Apple CEO Tim Cook’s entourage is heading to Kanpur to watch an Indian Premier League game between Gujarat Lions and Kolkata Knight Riders Thursday evening. A majority of film stars gathered to make a warmth and loving environment for Cook & his team.


On Wednesday night, Badshah khan had hosted a party to waved Cook. The festivity is served a glimpse of traditional Indian food and a limelight of culture in along with a warm chat with Tim. Along with Khan, Amitabh BachchanAamir Khan, Madhuri Dixit and AR Rahman. Cook shared a conversation with the versatile Bollywood celebrities and also express his own attraction and love for India. He also discussed various upcoming plans and projects of Apple, in which the company is thinking India, a large Apple product market.  The CEO also get a gesture of compliments from well-known directors – producers like Mahesh Bhatt, Sanjay Lela Bhansali, Vishu Chopra as they visited Mannat to spend an evening with the corporate executive of a renowned telecommunication brand.

The glimpse of presences is captured by no media attention, as none other than the stars itself following an ongoing tradition of Selfies. The B-town celebrities then posted the memorable moments on their won social accounts, capturing a large laymen attention towards the grand attendance.

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