Bahubali 2 Trailer: What To Expect And What Not To Expect From The Trailer


With the epic grip that the first part of the movie Bahubali has had on the audience, people have been waiting for long to cherish the second part of the movie. While there have been many speculations over the date of release of the movie, the movie is now scheduled to be released on 28th of April 2017. The Bahubali 2 trailer is about to be released on 16th of the month and the stage is set.

Bahubali 2 Trailer To Be Released On Thursday!

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Bahubali 2 had come up with a teaser trailer on Monday. It was a very short video and has been an instant youtube sensation. The fans are now waiting eagerly for the trailer of the movie to be released. The same is scheduled to be released tomorrow in across 250-300 screen across Andhra and Telangana alone.

According to a source, the fans can expect the trailers to be high on action and drama. The visuals of the same are to be epic and they would be putting the expectation level quite high for the fans. However, the biggest challenge that lies to the makers is to make sure that the trailers are not leaked, as they might be captured by the viewers of the cinema hall in their mobile camera! Because the makers of the movie have decided to release the trailers on youtube only on Thursday afternoon.

While the nation has been awaiting for quite long for the movie Bahubali 2: The Conclusion, it would be interesting to see how exactly the people react to the trailer. With the trailer of the movie about to be launched, it is also believed that the audio launch would take place in the later half of this month.

The movie will be released on 28th of April and will finally give out the answer to the most famous question that had pertained after the last part of the movie and that is, Why did Kattappa Kill Bahubali?

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