Bahubali – The Conclusion, a masterpiece made in Indian Cinema


The day has come when finally audiences will get the answer of their question along with witnessing spectacular and epic fictional war story.  In the times of spin-offs from western movies, Bollywood needed a film which could change the face of Indian cinema and bring it onto international map. Yes, there are good films made every year but the scale at which India needed a film is undoubtedly S S Rajmouli’s Bahubali. There is only one word to describe the movie – Grandeur.

Bahubali 2-The Conclusion A Great Movie To Look Out For

Bollywood has progressed, with the movie, production time has reduced to such an extent that within a year movie is shot, edited and released. Bahubali for that sense took almost 2 years to come on screen. The reason being the huge scale on it was being launched.  There were people expectations attached to the film. Truly, Bahubali 2 gives a Cinematic experience to the viewers.

Talking about the VFX used in the film. It is definitely top notch and can be compared to VFX used in Hollywood films. More than 33 studios worked for the VFX of the film which comprises in 90% of the film involving 2500 shots. The spectacular waterfalls, magnificent Mountains, Splendid Kingdom etc give audiences a virtual reality experience.  The VFX used is far better in any of the Indian films for sure.

A director’ vision can make or break the film and Rajmouli had a clear vision of Bahubali in his mind which he brought on board. The visuals have elevated the movie experience in the theaters. Bahubali aimed and achieved the Creative vision, and an imagination which people thought is a reality. Not only director every member worked hard for the film and it is all worth it.

All the Characters in the movie had special look. Prabhas and Rana Dagubbati body transformation is huge. Their dedication towards work is commendable. Both of them beefed up their bodies and are weighed more than 100Kgs for the film. Rana had to intake high protein and Carb foods. Both of them had 40 Egg whites in their breakfast. With diet, martial arts training and Gym routines, they maintained their body which is the outcome of their hard work and not any effects.

Bahubali The Conclusion can be called as a most ambitious project of Indian Cinema which let you sit to the edge of your seats and enjoy every frame of it. Indeed, it is one of the finest movies ever made in Bollywood.

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