The Bigg Boss Season 10 finally comes to an end and this time, the event was bigger than any other Grand Finale that the reality show has had in the past. While almost all the ex-contestants were part of the last night in the show, there were some other ex-contestants from various other seasons. Apart from that, there was a complete star-packed performance with celebrities of Colors dancing and grooving with Salman Khan.

The celebrity guest of the night was Hrithik Roshan. While most of the ex-contestants of this particular season was a part of the final night, some of the most infamous contestants that the Bigg Boss show has ever seen in its 10 seasons have been kept out of the invitation list.

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The night started with the four contestants having a touch up for the finals. What followed was some outstanding performance by all the four contestants. The ex-contestants too were asked a few questions about the show and a few clippings were shown to the viewers to relish the moments that have been happening in the house for all these days.

Manveer Is Finally Declared The Winner Of The Bigg Boss 10 Season

Well, the four contestants of the house were given a final task, in which they could have opted out of the show, without claiming the prize money or waiting for the results and would be evicted from the house at that very moment. Well, Manu took up the decision to leave the show and walk back home with 10 lakh rupees to his name. Later on, Salman confirmed that the decision taken by the “Indiawala” was correct, as he was having the lowest votes among the final four contestants.

Then after some outstanding performances by some of the well-known celebrities of the daily shows and also the ex-contestants, it was finally the time for declaring the winner of the show. The top two contestants to reach the finals of the show was Manveer and Bani J. However, finally, Manveer emerged as the winner of the competition, getting the highest votes in the polls that were conducted by Bigg Boss.

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