Comments on Prophet Mohammad was a writing error : Shahrukh Khan


Bollywood Actor Shahrukh Khan had clarified his controversial statement over Prophet Mohammad, stating that it was a typing error.


A FIR was filed against the Actor because of comparing Prophet as one of the most unimpressive personality in history along with Hitler and Churchill. As the comment posted on the media portals as well as on the social platform, a widespread was there among a group of people thinking that star had hurt the religious sentiments.

Shahrukh had denied the allegations by stating via an SMS that he never misused the name of Prophet as he is himself a Muslim and it is for him, one of the most important agenda as he had compared the religious idol with another point of view.

Shahrukh also expressed his thoughts and beliefs over the past statements, in which he was wrong judged by a group of people.  The star’s statement turned to be a subject of controversy as he stated ‘If I can call it history than most impressive, positive figure Prophet Mohammad and from recent times there are the nice ones like Nelson Mandela, Gandhiji and Mother Teresa.’ This is a clarification and the error is deeply regretted.

The complained was filed by Khalid Babu Querishi which also served as the editor posts for the magazine Time and Style. As per him, the remarks and statements firstly reported on the issue of the said book, published by the chief in.

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