There was a time when Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were regarded as one of the most adorable pairs in the B-town but it seems like from a period of time their relationship is not going on a smooth scale. The pair use to share hand in hand walking in many events, but in Shahid Kapoor’s birthday bash, both came to be a part of the occasion but in a separate way.

During the time they both share a close bonding with each other, they use to talk with media like an open book. But it seems that Deepika Padukone has adapted the art of dodging the media. Recently the actress was asked by media to give a respond about the break up with her rumoured boyfriend Ranveer Singh, she giggled and said:”What? Which news?”What do you think? What would you like me to be? I’d be whatever you want me to be”.

Deepika and Ranveer also parted ways while promoting their movies Befikre and xXx: Return Of Xander.

Things between both of them went on a rough pitch when, they fly off to Dubai to celebrate New year, after which Ranveer, astonishingly came back solo before the new year’s occasion. Also during the promotions of her debut Hollywood project xXx: Return Of Xander, Deepika was too busy in the schedule and also a close bonding started to grow up between her and Vin Diesel.

Well now, the fans are waiting for Padmavati movie, where again the adorable pair is sharing the screen together and let’s hope that things will return back to a smooth pitch for Deepika and Ranveer Singh.

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