Dilip Kumar’s health is improving steadily stop spreading rumors


Bollywood’s one of the most prominent actors Dilip Kumar’s health is in the line of improvement, yet there are many rumours which are leading the followers and fans in a misleading way.


According to Udaya Tara Bayar, who is regarded as Dilip Kumar’s close family friend, the actor is improving in the health problems. Dilip Kumar earlier was admitted to Lilavati hospital as he complained of a problem in respiratory. Doctors later made a statement clearing that actor diagnosed with a heart attack.

Earlier when Dilip Kumar was hospitalised, rumours spreading about his death. Doctors, as well as close friends of Kumar, had then made it cleared that the actor is now fine, and improving steadily. Also, confirmation is made by the officials that the actor is side by his wife and yesterday’s actress Saira Banu all the time

Saira has been such a great human being, she is always by his side and praying for him. She does so much for him, she is such a good wife and she has a lot of self-confidence – said by Nayer, who is another family friend and responsible for updating the most recent news on Dilip Kumar.

Dilip Kumar is known by Tragedy King, and regarded as one of the finest actor Bollywood had ever produced with a wide range of hit films like Jwar Bhata, Karma, Mughal E Azam, Ganga Jamuna and Saudager

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