Maharashtra Government is planning to renovate the 33 years old film city Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagari.  The place which is better known for many film locations came up into existence on 26th of September 1977 at the northern suburb of Goregaon.

The spot is known for on spot shooting of enormous events like making of Bodyguard, Devdas, Ready, KBC etc. As the film city is completing this month then the government is trying to get it renovate with various other resources along with lavish accommodations.

According to the film city relations officer Mr Saini, there will be a committee which will be taking on decisions on the plans and issues related to the upcoming development of the film city.

The development will be made as prospectus so that the place will be opened for the tourist visitors. Meanwhile, Saini had clarified that not the entire film city will be opened but a restricted site will be adding for a makeover so it could get more tourist visitors. As per the officials the upcoming movie The Dirty Picture will be going to be shooting on the named film city.

The studio is presently meeting 520 acres with sixteen air conditions and other alternative facilities are about for a makeover. The Maharashtra government has decided to equip it with state-of-the-art facilities so that it will be easier for the producers to get enough accommodations and other artificial locations and sets in the film city.

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