Here Is The First Review Of Bahubali 2- The Conclusion; What To Expect From The Movie


One of the biggest and most anticipated films of two years is Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion. No one, In fact, the crew has also not seen the film but Censor Board has got the privilege to watch the film before anyone could else. A very prominent member of the board has given his thoughts on the movie and here it is.

Bahubali 2-The Conclusion, One Of The Most Anticipated Movies Of Bollywood

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According to the board member, The second part of the Bahubali is much bigger in all aspects than its prequel. Also, the length of the movie is more than the first one summing up to almost 3 hours run. Even though the film is long, there is no scene/ frame, which cannot keep you intact. Not a single scene or word was cut by the board as they did not feel the necessity to do so. The action sequences are shot with intricate details and VFX effects are at par with the great Hollywood movies.

Without spilling beans on the Climax and the answer to what all want to know, the member stated that Both Prabhas and Rana Daggubati are impressive in their roles and whenever they are together on screen, it is awestruck. The reason of Why Katappa Killed Bahubali will be out of belief to the audience said the member. Bahubali 2 is one such movie which will put the Indian Cinema on the international front. The movie’s effects, spectacular performances are far more superior than recently released Fast and Furious 8 as per him. Audiences will come out of the theater with happy faces but would also be upset over the end of the great Bahubali saga.

This can be considered as a full-fledged first review of the movie Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion. The first part of the film was released in 2015 and it became highest grosser Indian movie of all times. Bahubali 2 is said to break records of all times when it releases tomorrow, 28th April.

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