Indian Animation films are not finding a suitable market in the global platform, according to producer AK Madhavan, whose film Alpa and Omega is all set to be introducing on Friday.

According to the producer predictions, the Indian animation market is lacking behind in getting the global attention due to finance, design sensibilities and original story. As per Madhavan, the makers had just stopped making the 3D animations live on the screens as they are more costly to be financed as compared to the normal one.

Also, he explained about the current mentality of an audience about the animation cinema. As per him, the kids prefer to watch online games, videos, internet rather going back to the 3d interactivity. As per his prediction, the Indian market for animation will going to take at least a 5-year lap to come back in rhythm in profit making to the distributors and producers.

As per the past animation films released in Bollywood wide sector of the audience had enjoyed them but which are only based on the mythological project like Hanuman, Ramayana, Luv- kush, Ganesha etc.  Madhavan is better known for financing Barnyard, released in 2006 and now bringing the most advanced and animated movie Alpha and Omega. According to him, he will also be focusing more animated films in the upcoming years to enhance the growth of Indian Animation market in the global entertainment world

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