One of the ace Bollywood writer- poet Javed Akhtar is being trolled in twitter by a large number of public including celebrities from B-town. The reason behind this is his recent tweet which pulled him becoming a subject of condemnation.

On 28th of February Javed Akhtar tweeted “If a hardly literate player or a wrestler troll a pacifist daughter of a martyr its understandable but whats wrong with some educated folks”

With this tweet, Javed was criticising those who are trolling Gurmehar Kaur on the social network, as she was being trolled by Virender Sehwag and B-town Actor Randeep Hooda. Though later, Randeep and Sehwag, though separate statements have clarified that their intentions were not like to hurt someone it’s a misconception created unnecessarily.

This makes a large crowd turned opposite to Javed. Firstly Bollywood director Madhur Bhandarkar takes a dig on Javed by tweeting “Sir Lack of education has nothing to do with freedom of expression. I am a 6th fail student, still, nobody can stop me from expressing my views”.

This later joined by former wrestler Mahavir Phogat as he also retweeted Javed’s tweet captioning his views against the screenwriter. Yogeshwar Dutt, an Olympic medallist and current Indian freestyle wrestler also expressed his anger on Javed by expressing his views. He draws the attention of Javed Akhtar through his tweet claiming that if the writer has done much-renowned work on poems and stories, then his contribution to the nation should also be equalised.

Javed Akhtar tweet has then drawn a barrage of criticism on twitter in which an uncountable number of statements has been delivered against him, claiming that the writer-poet has insulted the Indian sports person which are the pride of our nation.

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