Kapil Sharma’s Troubles Have Not Ended


Comedian Kapil Sharma dragged himself into a major controversy by tweeting to the Prime Minister in respect of corruption. Things backfired and got out of hand when details of an illegal construction in his flat in Mumbai were revealed. We earlier reported to you that the Khan brothers were standing in full support of Sharma but now it looks like the comedian has just sunk deeper into trouble. According to reports, a full detailed account has been revealed according to which various illegal alterations have been made by Kapil Sharma to his flat.

Kapil Sharma Lands In Trouble After His Illegal Construction Work Get Revealed

Things began when the actor tweeted about his frustration for having to pay bribe for the construction of his Versova office, even after paying regular taxes. Soon after the details of him encroaching in the mangrove region for his Versova office began doing the rounds. On further investigation, the officials realised that Sharma has already done things of such sorts earlier!

Picture Courtesy: www.contactphonenumberaddress.com

Picture Courtesy: www.contactphonenumberaddress.com

When the cops investigated his Oshiwara flat, they found out that several changes in the design layout of the apartment had been made. Apart from breaking down walls and increasing the size of various rooms, the comedian has also covered half of the refugee area for his flat without any prior permission. In short, Kapil has bent and broken many government construction rules for his Oshiwara flat.

The Investigation Has Been Recorded And Will Be Used As Proof

Apart from all this, Kapil has also extended his office area into the protected mangrove region. The city administration has filed a report regarding the issue. In fact, after the inspection got over, a video footage of his entire apartment has been recorded as evidence. Currently, Kapil Sharma has been called for interrogation after which his statement will be recorded. So basically it all started with one tweet which led Kapil to such a huge controversy.

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