Kareena Kapoor to give healthy teeth tips


Kareena Kapoor and Shriya Saren would like to give the healthy teeth advice, as both the fame actresses are now the brand ambassador of Colgate Active Salt Healthy White. While interacting with the promotional event the actress will give some healthy tips to safeguard the teeth.

Kareena Kapoor

The brand new product will be introducing a new method of manufacturing by using a combination of salt and lemon to get rid of yellowness in teeth. The product will be an association of Colgate- Palmolive brand.

Sharing her thoughts on this Kareena Said” as an actor it is important for us to stay healthy and represent the best of over selves. That’s why  Colgate active salt is adding value for me.

It simply helps me to say no to yellow teeth in a refreshing manner with an age old remedy of salt and lemon. So go ahead try it and see how healthy white teeth are now a reality for you,” she added.

Colgate had already advertised their products with a temper of various Bollywood celebrities. It is one of the valued and known brands of India. Shreya Saren is also become the part of the advertisement, though yet she had not made any kind of conversation

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